The OrthoGays E-mail List

Welcome to the OrthoGays E-Mail List!

This is a list for Gay Jewish Men who are Orthodox. It was created to have a place where Orthodox Gay Jewish Men can meet or talk with others like ourselves, Gay Jewish Men, who are currently frum (Orthodox). This includes "Frum From Birth," "Ba'al Tshuvah," Modern Orthodox, Datti Le'umi, Haredi, Hardali, etc.

Other than that, there aren't a lot of rules. You can post about anything you like, such as personal anecdotes, hallachic discussions, questions, answers, ideas, points of information, announcements of events, partner issues, parenting issues, closet issues, anything. Think of this as an on going social gathering for Orthodox Gay Jewish Men.

One important thing, though: Please respect the other people on this list. Even if you feel strongly about something, try and remember that other people may feel strongly as well. At the same time, hallachic discussions often get heated and passionate. We want this to be a fun place to be, but as anyone who has learned in a yeshiva, or like, environment knows, passionate arguments can be both fun and fulfilling, and, for that matter a little homoerotic.

Also, while we want to respect privacy, it's a lot more comfortable to talk with people using a name. So please don't try and subscribe to the list with a handle like "NiceFrumBoy" or anything like that. You don't have to give your real name, but we do ask that you give us an actual name by which we can actually call you. The list is private, and it does not have any web-based archive, as many other lists do.

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